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Unlike many SEO companies you’ll find when searching for “Local SEO company in Durham,” Visibull is a Local SEO company that is actually located in Durham, NC. We are right here in the Bull City and ready to meet with you and find out exactly what we need to do to help you meet your business goals. The company began in 2011 as Asheville StartUp Marketing and expanded to Eastern North Carolina in 2013 as Williamston StartUp Marketing. In late 2022, we moved to Durham and are officially launching our new Durham business, Visibull in 2024.

While Visibull is relatively new to Durham, they have been providing clients with Web Design and SEO services since 2011. They offer a range of services to improve online visibility.

Visibull’s approach is hands-free, managing tasks like Google Business Profile, visibility strategy, and domain management — allowing clients to focus on other aspects of their business.

Visibull is primarily BJ Bowen and a few hand-picked sub-contractors as needed.

— Industries —

  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy Equipment Sales
  • Industrial
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • B2B services
  • Home Services
  • eCommerce


To increase online visibility, brand recognition and lead gen for businesses who are serious about their growth.


We promise this will be the most hands-off, done-for-you approach to Local SEO and Web Design that you’ll encounter. If you don’t have time to fool with this stuff, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Your digital assets (hosting, domain, third-party software licenses, stock photos, etc) are yours — not ours. So you have complete autonomy and freedom to dissolve our relationship at any time. In other words, your website will NEVER be held hostage by us.
  • We guarantee increased ranking and visibility.
  • We provide excellent, first-class service.
  • Our standard is to exceed your expectations.
  • Everything is done-for-you.
  • Google PageSpeed Score of 95+ for mobile.
  • We believe in highly-personalized, one-on-one communications. One meeting is worth 100 emails.

Who Is Visibull?

Professional History

  • Years of Experience: Over 37 years in marketing and graphic design, with the last 20 years focused on website design, development, and SEO.
  • Professional Shift: Began career in graphic design, transitioning to internet marketing and web design in 2004.
  • Career Roles:
    • Online Marketing Manager
    • Internet Marketing Specialist
    • Art Director
    • Copy Editor
    • Photographer
    • Graphic Designer
  • Awards: Winner of the NAMA award.

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BJ Bowen

Local SEO Specialist
Web Designer

“You can’t fix
what you don’t measure.”

I’ve spent 37 years in marketing, graphic design, and digital strategy. In 2005, I transitioned from graphic design to internet marketing, a change that reflected both the evolving market trends and my own growth.

I developed a fascination with technology at age 12, with a second-hand Timex Sinclair 1000 as my guide. I taught myself to code, creating two simple cars that I could race around the TV screen by pressing the arrow buttons on the keyboard.

While in college, I studied Communication Arts at East Carolina University, where I also worked full-time as a lead designer at a commercial printer and took on freelance graphic design projects. So, at age 19, I was already working with local businesses to develop their brands and brand collateral.

Since that time, I’ve worked at many magazines and newspapers where I had opportunities to learn copy writing, copy editing, and photography as well as sharpen my design skills. My last graphic design position as the Graphic Design manager for a luxury resort employed all of these skills. Then, they gave me the opportunity to become the Website Manager and that’s where my career in internet marketing took off.

That was in 2005. Since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this job. It’s blend of creative, analytical, and technical is exactly what I need to feel fulfilled. I’ve created and developed a lot of websites, a lot of landing pages, a lot of email blasts, a lot of ads — I’ve created a lot of logos, a lot of photography and I’ve written copy for all of it.

In my free time, I delve into hobbies like kayaking, hiking, woodworking, photography, poetry, music and improv. (I’m pretty terrible at woodworking and improv.)